• Constructional systems are consisted of electrostatic powder-dyed aluminum bars. Their accessories, fittings and complementary parts are made of stainless steel or anticorrosion components.
  • High resistant fabric, Ferrari Soltis, is used.
  • The highest segment product under the trademark Somfy is used as motor.

Wind Resistance

This product is much more resistant against the wind compared to alternative products thanks to the perforated construction and zipper teeth of the material used. Thanks to the zipper teeth, the fabric is not released from the side grooves of the product.

Heat and Energy Control

This product is designed to keep the interior climate in optimum level by protecting the building from sunrays. Constructional sun protection and screens preventing excessive heating allow you not using the air-conditioning and cooling systems excessively in summer, thus making a significant contribution to your budget. And, in winter, it allows you to make settings for optimum intrusion of sunlight through the windows. Depending on type of fabric you selected, it may also be possible to adjust the thermal resistance to different degrees.

Light Control

Sunrays contact with these screens without any contact with the glass surface. And shining or reflection of sunlight is not possible. With this product, you may adjust degree of light entering into the interior space. 


Kyoto Protocol (Energy Saving)

As a single internationally recognized framework for fighting against global heating and climate change, Kyoto Protocol was signed by 181 countries in total, including Turkey. According to the framework specified, individuals in micro terms and society in macro terms should reduce energy consumption. Cooling the buildings is a significant aspect of energy consumption. In order to reduce or completely eliminate this aspect, use of this product brings highly considerable benefits. The reason is that gases emitted during excessive energy consumption increase greenhouse gases, resulting in global heating. 

Using as Insect Screen

This product prevents intrusion of any kind of insects such as flies and bugs from entering into the interior space.

Clear Vision

Most of the alternative products fail to prevent loss of environmental vision when they are used. Depending on type of fabric used, this product makes it possible to adjust transparency and extent of vision as desired.



  • Combination of 30% Polyester,30% PVC and 40% Ferrari
  • A prestressed material, its thickness is much less than other products.
  • It cleans itself with rainwater.
  • A dust-repellent fabric not giving off any odour.
  • It does fade, discolour and sag due to foreign factors such as sunlight and wind in case of extended use of it.
  • As the fabric is characterized by a perforated material, it breathes and does not condensate.
  • It is coated by a chemical substance called anti-fungus on it. And it is an antibacterial product.
  • It does not generate fungus and bacteria.
  • Any colour, design and logo work can be applied on the fabric by means of UV printing method.
  • It has a certificate of non-flammable.