Energy saving means efficient use of energy with neither any waste nor any reduction in the production, our comfort and labour force. It means performance of the same work by using less energy. Heating accounts for 82% of our energy consumption. Such loss may be reduced by taking measures of thermal insulation. It is possible to save fuel from 25% up to 50%.

Why Should We Use Energy Efficiently?

  • Excessive use of energy causes:
  • Quick consumption of natural resources; and
  • Pollution of environment.

Importance of Exterior Shading System in the Energy Efficiency...

Exterior shading systems is an effective way of reducing heat intruding into the buildings through windows together with sunlight in summer and keeping them cool. They achieve thermal insulation much better when compared with window coverings (interior curtains) used inside the buildings. While exterior shading ensures energy efficiency for thermal insulation by 70-85%, interior coverings achieves heat gains it only by 15%. Shading systems should allow ventilation outside the windows.